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The imperfect process

Research Post 1:

Word Count: 174

My first article I will be using in my individual story is titled, an imperfect process: How campuses deal with sexual assault. Both Sara Ganim and Nelli Black wrote this article, and the article was found on CNN Films. The source not only covers the movie, which another one of my team members will be covering, but it also discusses Title XI. The article mentions multiple of lawsuits that are challenging different universities and how those campuses handle claims of sexual assault. Throughout the article it provides particular statistics of men and women that do chose to report their sexual assault while at college. This article while talking about the movie The Hunting Ground; gives a brief summary of what the movie entails and what happened with the process of reporting the case. The article also includes other sexual assault cases that occurred on other university campuses. This relates to my article because it does talk about different student’s experience with their sexual assault occurrences and how they decided to respond to the incident.


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