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Through George Mason’s Eyes

Research Post 2:

Word Count: 185

My second source is from George Mason University’s Student Support and Advocacy Center. This source provides the campus’ definition of sexual assault, which I will include in my individual news story. This source also provides George Mason University’s examples of sexual assault that can happen on their campus. This source also provides information that covers different laws and policies that are specific to sexual assault. Student Support and Advocacy Center provides many outlets for reporting, defining, and dealing with sexual assault. This site is very user friendly and easily labeled and laid out for someone that might be in crisis and can not process a lot of details and options at once. Being a survivor of sexual assault that was not offered at my old university and made it a little more difficult to find the proper resources I needed at the time that the university could provide. I plan to include George Mason University’s opinion of what sexual assault may contain on their campus. I will provide their examples and resources that they provide not only online but also that they provide on campus.



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