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Dynamics on our campus

Dynamics of Sexual Assault provides the statistics on College Sexual Assault. The webpage provides opportunities for students to attend a free training on how to help someone who has been sexually assaulted. I plan to incorporate this information into my presentation because it explains and provides resources on campus to those of friends that are sexually assaulted. It mentions two common ways to prevent sexual assault. Those each break away to another article and they are titled; Holding perpetrator accountable and Becoming an engaged bystander. I appreciate that George Mason defines what a perpetrator is. George Mason also provides a list of common ways most victims fall into a perpetrator’s trap. It also highlights the violence taking onto a victim. Dynamics of Sexual Assault provides the contact of the Student Support and Advocacy Center on George Mason’s campus. This webpage also provides how the Student Support and Advocacy Center can help victims and help others that are effected by sexual assault. 


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