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My personal testimony

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It took a lot of thoughts and prayers to gain the confidence to share my story publicly. Sexual assault alone is already a taboo topic. However, it is very sensitive for me to talk about because last Fall I was entering my junior year at Radford University, my life changed all because of one person and one night. Someone who I considered to be my friend raped me. We had a lot of mutual friends and never would have thought any of the baseball team would have done what he did to me. I plan to integrate my personal experience to my final project because it is a way to bring more awareness to this Invisible War that I was a victim of. I will create a video that explains my story of how it happened and what resources I chose to use to continue living. I will provide creditable facts into my personal testimony. I think providing a real story to add to this topic will open more eyes to those who are blind to this taboo topic. I hope for the people who watch my personal testimony can benefit something from it.

*the link is a personal photo that I have attached that is connected to my personal Instagram*



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