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The virtual sphere has been a game changer for journalism because the quality of journalism has decreased due to the fact that our world has come to who and what can get the most likes and be at the top of the results list for searching something. Print journalism also known as the public sphere was based on a deep journalistic analysis (Vol. 3, pp. 49-55).

The Public Sphere is when and where all citizens can form opinions on social life. The Public Sphere is created by casual conversation held amongst individuals. However, a big issue people have is when private conversation is publicized in the virtual sphere and is leaked to non-professionals. In the article Habermas refers to our basic freedoms as, “guarantee of freedom of assembly and association and freedom to express and publish their opinions” (Vol. 3, pp. 49-55).

In my opinion, I think that our basic freedoms are very broad and when people get in trouble for over stepping the line with freedom of press by publishing private information to make another individual look bad there is no serious consequence that goes in effect. The media for the public sphere are the newspaper, magazines, radio, and television. In this last election the public sphere was filled with political scandal and campaigns.

The common folk are more likely to pay attention to a scandal then a statistical value. My generation is brainwashed by reality television. So, any scandal, such as, the Hilary Clinton scandal of deleting those confidential emails caused a decrease in her creditability to become the next president. I believe Donald Trump was elected president of the United States of America because he and his publicist utilized his social media accounts to boost his support by basically continuously bashing his opponent, Hilary Clinton.Trump used verbal diarrhea to get his points across to be consider as the first one to publish rather than going through a private publisher as Hilary reached out to her supporters.

Most of Trump’s followers either supported him because of his famous rank of being a successful businessman and have seen him develop over their life time; or his supporters were young and dumb by not taking the time to look more into the virtual sphere and get off their lazy butts to find the truth of why Donald Trump always took the light off of his personal goals for America other than building the wall and nuking our enemies.

A lot of people in our community do not have access to the variety of technologies that we have to offer either because they cannot afford them or because they refuse to change their ways that they are set in. For example, my grandparents’ generation is not likely to be on twitter posting within 140 characters of how their life is going or giving their followers a play by play of their day (Papacharissi, Z).

It maybe has been cheaper to switch to the virtual sphere to increase their listeners and viewers by reaching out by different social media outlets such as apps. The evolution of technology even in my time frame is crazy I am able to listen to radio stations and read different posts and watch snap chat stories all within the same device. I can understand switching from the public sphere to the virtual sphere being more sustainable for equity and economy rather than be more sustainable for education (Papacharissi, Z).

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